This game is my first try at Construct 2, an engine light enough to be used in an older computer.

Imagine a quick draw match, only

  • Instead of having only one shot, you have many
  • Instead of drawing your gun as fast as possible, you press the correct button combination as fast as possible
  • Your bullets have variable attack powers
  • Your unused bullets get stronger over time

In this game, there are 2 phases per turn.

  • Phase 1: Preparation. Drag bullets that you want to load into the gun cylinder (it's not reversible, by the way). Click/tap Ready to start the next phase.
  • Phase 2: Battle. Press either of the directional buttons according to the prompt. Once you correctly pressed 5 buttons, the Fire button becomes available, and you can press that button to fire the gun. The gun fires the next bullet in sequence (think first-in, first-out, or a queue).


Bug note: immediately at the start of Phase 2, your opponent fires at you. I used the Every x second event, which isn't layout-dependent, so it seemed to try triggering the event as soon as possible. Any suggestion is welcome.

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