NOTE: This is the updated version.

You play as the cursed prince sending minions after enemy soldiers in order to protect the maiden from them (and a prince from another kingdom).

Controls are all by mouse.
Click on the castle to spawn a minion.
Click on the cannon, then click on your target to fire in that direction.
Click on the fireball button, then click on where you want the fireball to explode.

Engine: Unity
Art: Paint.NET + Adobe Illustrator + Autodesk Sketchbook
Sound: Bosca Ceoil + Audacity + sfxr

Programming, sound and character design by me (look for the designs with rough, thick edges).
All other art by my sister Aisyah Azmi.
Credit to whoever made the fonts (Bebas Neue, Cloister Black, Koch Fraktur, Arial).


The Good Monster - PC
The Good Monster - Mac
The Good Monster - Linux